"I've engaged Jessica for readings via Skype and email, as well as her mentoring program. She is a clear, delightful, and accurate conduit for Spirit. The support and guidance her channeled messages have provided me with has been invaluable. I love Jessica's energy, as well as her fun-yet-no nonsense approach, and will continue to seek out her services. Thank you Jessica for honouring and sharing your light and path!" - C.N., Ontario, Canada 

"Thank you Jessica, it is a treasure to receive such a message that feels authentic... Via yourself, i am truly grateful and will sit and digest the message sent to me . I just want to say how grounded it feels, your work...... Thank you." - S.G. - United Kingdom 

"That was so amazing!!!  I'm hooked on listening to you, I think I could do it for hours!! I'm very pleased with my reading. You pretty much got everything right on about me." - S.D. - Ontario, Canada

"Jessica is amazing, so easy to talk to, our group had excellent readings. We will be seeing her again soon!" - M.F., Ontario, Canada

"I went to see Jessica back in January with a lot on my mind and feeling lost and troubled. I left with a new sense of direction and to trust that all would be ok!! So helpful. Since my reading I have felt a sense of calm over my direction and have let go of the "dark questions". Jessica is loving, caring and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to open their minds and hearts!" - J.C., Ontario, Canada

"I was referred to Jess through a friend, and am SO happy she was brought into my life. From the moment I met her, I felt a connection. She is warm, inviting, loving, caring; and her gift is nothing to question. She has been able to calm my fears, help my anxieties, and give me hope - all within half an hour. I would highly recommend using Jess for any of her services." - J.B., Ontario, Canada

"Jessica is amazing,she is precise, honest, insightful and she just emenates energy and comfort. She is a joy to have an experience with. I highly recommend her." J.H., Ontario, Canada

"Truly amazing and blown away with the messages that were given to me. I am still in shock and awe but more at ease within my thoughts and life. Thank You Jessica for a extremely insightful evening. I will be doing this again!" - P.S., Ontario, Canada

"Jessica is truly amazing. I felt so positive and energized when I came home. I learned a lot and appreciate the time you spent with me and the things you shared. Again, I say truly gifted." - S.N., Ontario, Canada

"Jessica has a gift that cannot be questioned. In the two appointments I have had with Jess she has truly changed my life. I cannot express how much her words mean to me. She has shown me how to connect with my spirit guides and become the person I want to be. If anyone is on the fence about connecting with Jess, go for it! you will not be sorry." - L.P., Ontario, Canada

 “This was great and you are spot on. Thank you so much!! Glad we could do this.”– D.M., Ontario, Canada

 I have now had two 30 minute readings with Jessica and have been impressed with both. My first reading I presented my questions and had all answered and more. On the second reading Jessica proceeded to answer the questions I was prepared to ask BEFORE I could say a word! I couldn't have asked for anything more. Again I am a satisfied client and know I will be back!"- C.L., Ontario, Canada

 "Thank you Jessica for the amazing email readings. Your gift not only amazes me but it is also comforting."- D.V., Ontario, Canada

“I'm left feeling on some sort of spiritual high around you and knew the second I met you I had to see you again. Anyways thanks for being you!”– E.S., Ontario, Canada

"Jessica you were amazing. Thank you for giving me some peace of mind and (a) cry."- L.T., Ontario, Canada

"Had the most amazing reading done by Jessica! She was able to pick up on a lot in my personal and work life that has never been mentioned in conversation! The detail of her knowledge was incredible and it all made perfect sense and lined up with so much that's happening with us at the moment. It was also nice to see a glimpse in to the future of our little boy and know how to best help him grow to his full potential! So blessed to have this woman in my life!"- P.L., Australia 

"Jessica is the real deal!! We had a group of girls who each had individual readings done, and WOW! She was bang on with almost everyone! Each person's reading was very different, based on what they needed to bet old. Some were more based on their life and future, and some were centered around a passed loved one coming through. What an incredible experience!! Can't wait to see you again to learn more! Thank you!" - S.L., Ontario, Canada

"Kind and quick. She got down right to the point and was so very helpful♥...
Highly recommend her!" - J.A., Email Reading

"She listens to the heart that is for sure! Dynamic and fun!" - C.A., Ontario, Canada

" Literally best reading I have ever had. Made so much sense. It's like I could tell he was talking to you!" - T.E., U.S.A.

"I have NEVER had such an amazing and accurate reading with anyone ever!! She is truly amazing thank you Jessica. Love and light!" - K.D., U.S.A.

I have done both in-person and email readings with Jessica. Not only is she an incredible medium, but as a person she radiates such love and positive energy. I've recommended her to all of my friends and family." - S.C., Ontario Canada

"Thanks SO much Jessica for the awesome reading and for being the first person to offer me the experience!" E.S., Ontario, Canada

"Brilliant, very accurate and just AMAZING. I would highly recommend people to visit this gifted soul. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and have been shown guidance.... Thank you xxx" - N.V., India

"It took me a couple of days to get back to you after my readings a(s) I wanted to listen to them a couple of times to absorb everything. First thing I want to say is.....WOW!  Are you sure you haven't lived inside my head at some point? I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessica for the gift you've given me.  What you do is amazing...You'll be hearing from me again!!" K.F., Email Reading

"Jess was amazing. I had a group reading today, she was right on with everything. I will definitely be having her around for more readings. We all felt so relieved with everything she done and said. No other words to describe what she did other then WOW. Can't wait till the next time. I wish I could just sit back and hear her talk 24/7." - B.M., Ontario, Canada

"...the most comprehensive reading I have had/heard of..." G.G., Email Reading

"Thank you so much for seeing us last week. I feel great about my future. It was so nice to have such a positive experience and (to) meet you." - A.C., Ontario, Canada

"I've been a client of Jess's now for 6 months and I've utilized most of her services thus far and can only RAVE about her unique skills and talents. She is the epitome of positivity and always leaves me feeling inspired and true to myself! I would highly recommend Jessica to any and all people curious about insight and guidance from spirit. Jess is a wonderful guide and extremely knowledgeable in the deep meanings of life! Much love !!" - A.C., Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to thank you for our session yesterday. I feel like I am moving in the right direction now and you confirmed so many things to me that I just needed to hear. I can not thank you enough." - C.P., Ontario, Canada

Thank you Jessica for the amazing workshop. Jessica guided the group in meditation, activities and used her intuitive skills to assist the group in discovering how best to open up to receiving messages from Spirit. I was able to get answers to questions and confirmation to others. A wonderful experience and exercises that I will continue to practice." - T.P., Ontario, Canada (Psychic Development Workshop)

"All things happen for a reason for a long time now I wanted to have a session. When I saw Jessica it felt like the perfect opportunity. She did not fail me but exceeded in helping going on the right track and helped me discover and know myself better. I highly recommend her. She puts you at peace with clarity! Thank you so much Jessica." - S.C., Ontario, Canada

"I cannot say enough about Jessica, in the last message I sent her in regards to a reading she did for me I thanked her for her gift. The spirits have chosen her to relay to use valuable and life altering messages. I am so blessed to have met Jessica. Do not hesitate to contact her today!”– C.B., Ontario, Canada

"Jessica thank you so much...I only wanted to say I'm blown away by the accuracy of details :) this certainly would help me take some decisions. I'm really impressed...you truly have a gift...I was really shocked!" - M.O., Quebec, Canada

“Thanks I don't know what u did...but I feel like I can breathe.”– S.B., USA 

 "I had a reading from Jessica via email and it was amazing!! She is very thorough and accurate. She also answered all of my questions. Thank you so much, I will definitely recommend her services to anyone seeking answers and clarity!!"- S.L., USA

“I so needed that today ty so much....ty hun for the messages I felt (her) all day….”– O.I., Ontario, Canada

 "Thank you Jessica! Our time together today was emotional for me, but so welcome. Thank you so much! I will be seeing you again. Your presence was very comfortable and my reading has given me a lot to reflect on."- J.O., Ontario, Canada

 "Have had many readings given by Jessica Nightingale, she is very genuine and an incredible loving person. Each time we get together she gets me on the right track with her words of encouragement. Would highly recommend getting together with Jessica."- M.D., Ontario, Canada