Wherever you are in the world, let's connect! 

Psychic energy knows no borders and it is as effortless for me to connect with someone from a distance as it is for me to connect with someone whose physically sitting with me. My local clients also love online readings as a way to quickly tap in for valuable insight and guidance from Spirit, and to bypass my wait list for live readings. Check out what I have on offer below and make sure to follow me on Facebook for updates and limited time offers!


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$ 11.00 CAD

Written Message (2-5 lines), 24 hour turnaround!
The signs from your Spirit Guides are everywhere! But what if you're not seeing them?
My "Here's Your Sign" reading is a hard-hitting, direct message from your Spirit Guides, cultivated by yours truly and delivered your inbox within 24 hours! This reading is a 2-5 line written message. Please do not submit any questions.

To purchase:
1. Click 'Buy Now' to process your payment through PayPal or send your Interac e-Transfer to: Please include your email address in your bank transfer;
2. Wait with baited breath for your DM from Spirit! 

------Jan 30/19---------CURRENTLY SOLD OUT! Follow me on Facebook to be notified of the next round in February!! ----------

My  most popular online reading! Straightforward, undiluted psychic guidance, audio-recorded and delivered straight to your inbox!
Your reading will touch on what you most need to hear from your Spirit Guides right now, as well as address one specific question you'd like insight into, all lovingly channeled by yours truly and delivered as a 5-10 minute long MP3 to your inbox within 5 business days of your order.

To Complete Your Order:

After purchasing your reading, please email the following to:

1. A selfie;
2. Your date of birth;
3. One specific question, if you have one. Please no yes/no/when/where questions or requests for contact from your passed loved ones. If your question involves someone else, please include their photo and date of birth as well.

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