Whether you're near or far, it's my pleasure to use my unique, full-sensory psychic channel to connect with Spirit on your behalf and deliver insight, guidance and validation to help you along your way. 

Every reading is unique to the individual and is your opportunity to learn more about your life themes, relationships, talents and vocation, major life changes and for validation of life after life from your passed loved ones. I typically ask spirit for a forecast of the year ahead, and welcome questions if you have them. Please do not ask to contact specific past loved ones. Whatever information comes through in a reading is spirit directed. Please do not come with your own agenda or to contact specific loved ones. Readings do not cover other people's private information, potential time of death, winning lottery numbers, health diagnoses, or spell casting. For paranormal disturbances andmissing persons cases, please contact me directly.

Readings are facilitated by me personally and are conducted both in person at my home office in the Ottawa Valley (Canada) and via video email. Email readings can be written or audio-recorded.

Wait times vary by availability. Please select a reading option below for more information.

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